for a guy who makes videos, I really don’t like to pose for pics like this…. But I do love the lighting on the greenhouse. so that’s why it’s here ;)



Hey there guys!

I’m Joe and this is Homesteadonomics, a place for me to share my projects, builds and various interests in all sorts of random things!

It all started out with me posting videos of my various projects to my youtube channel. And has since become my personal description of the way I live my life. Working on becoming more self reliant, one project at a time.


I little bit about me that you may or may not know.

-I’m married to my High School sweetheart, Taryn, and we have one daughter, Marley, who is the biggest blessing in our lives.

-We live in Southern Arizona (in the Kilometer zone) on a few acres and live off of nearly 100% rainwater.

-My wife grew up here her whole life, but I’ve lived in about 10 different states over the years. Mostly in my younger years as my family moved around a bit for different opportunities my parents had.

-I don’t consider myself to be an expert or master craftsman in anything… but rather try to know a little bit about a lot. I guess you could say “ enough to be dangerous” …. haha…. but so far still have all my fingers (knocking on wood;)

-YouTube and social media are not my primary job. I work as a full time firefighter for a local Fire Department and love the job and the guys(gals) on my crew that I work with. Currently I’m positioned on a combination Engine/Ladder Company, which is located in a higher volume call area. The work taxes the mind, body and soul at times…and often leaves us sleepless at the end of a shift. But is rewarding at the same time for the opportunity to be of assistance to folks when they need it.